Gutter Cleaning

It is of vital importance to your house that the gutters remain free flowing.

If your gutters, and down pipes are not regularly cleaned and cleared, there is a danger that the down pipes, and gutters  will become blocked, and that the gutters will not function correctly.

Many gutter cleaning companies merely clear the gutter without paying attention to the down pipes, not so with The Gutter Man, we will also give you a free report on the the soundness of your roof.

Once a gutter is clogged it actually becomes worse than useless, a clogged gutter can cause substantial damage to the fascias first of all, and later to the brick work, causing internal damage to your property.

At gutterman we offer competitive prices for cleaning your gutters and down pipes.

Prices start from as little as £50*


If you phone us we will give you an estimate on clearing your gutters and down pipes.




* All prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%